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Oxford Next Horizons is a rich, six-month experience designed for mid to late career participants from any field; a carefully curated programme of academic, social, cohort-based and individual activities, tailored to your unique interests and perspectives.

It offers Scholars membership of two vibrant Oxford communities: Harris Manchester College and Rhodes House. Community-building, dialogue and participation are therefore at the heart of the programme.  

Over two terms of 10 weeks each, Next Horizons Scholars pursue several strands of exploration. 

  • Exploring Purpose and Life Horizons

    A weekly two-hour seminar series, followed by dinner in the College dining hall. 

    Seminars will explore the questions ‘where am I in my life?’, ‘what makes for a Good Life?’ and ‘what’s next in my life?’. 

    In the second term Scholars will present their Personal Projects to the cohort. The second term will also offer the opportunity for cross-generational study of questions about purpose and meaning across the life journey, as current Harris Manchester students and Rhodes Scholars-in-Residence are invited to join the discussion. 

  • Tackling the World’s Big Challenges: Showcasing Oxford’s Cutting-Edge Research

    A weekly one-hour lecture series, followed by dinner with the speaker. 

    World-leading academic speakers will share their insights into the major global challenges of the present and future, and how Oxford-based research contributes to tackling them. 

    The dinner will give Scholars a unique opportunity to discuss these ideas informally with the speaker and each other. 

  • Personalised Learning Journey

    Scholars independently pursue a Personal Project, the nature of which will vary according to the individual Scholar's priorities. It may be a reflection on the experience of a life transition, exploration of an area of academic interest, or investigation of a major contemporary social challenge. 

    • Projects will culminate in a written piece and a brief oral precis for presentation and discussion with the full cohort.
    • Scholars are assigned an Academic Adviser: a member of senior Oxford faculty who will meet them occasionally to advise and guide the development of their project.
    • Scholars will also join fellow participants in small ‘streams’ of broad academic interests, which will meet termly to discuss their ongoing projects.
    • Scholars also have an opportunity to participate in Oxford-style one-to-one tutorials (four per term) on topics of interest to them, as well as attending the relevant University lectures.
  • Fostering Community

    This strand is a powerful opportunity for Scholars to connect with their peers, as well as members of the Rhodes community, in a dynamic and engaging way. Designed and led by the Rhodes Trust, activities are aimed at providing participants with a supportive and engaging environment where they can build on their leadership potential, develop meaningful relationships, and make the most of their time in Oxford and the UK. Opportunities may include: 

    • Participation in the Rhodes Character, Service and Leadership Retreat (a core component of the Rhodes Scholar experience) specifically tailored to the needs of the ONHP cohort.
    • Access to Rhodes Forums and events - thematic gatherings that allow participants to explore their interests in greater depth. 
    • Opportunities to engage with Rhodes Scholars in Residence, as well as with representatives of the Rhodes Trust’s partner programmes to facilitate knowledge and ideas exchange. 
    • Regular leisurely activities such as special-access visits to libraries, museums and other landmarks in Oxford and beyond. 
  • Other opportunities

    As members of the Harris Manchester and Rhodes House communities, Scholars will have opportunities to engage with the various events and activities taking place there, including: 

    • Musical events and chapel services at Harris Manchester College (and Scholars are warmly invited to join the excellent college choir)
    • Distinguished speaker talks, arts events and Question & Answer sessions at Harris Manchester College
    • Meet & Mingles with Rhodes Scholars
    • Yoga classes at Rhodes House
    • A rich and varied programme of public lectures and talks across the wider University of Oxford.

Participants will also have the opportunity to connect virtually in advance of the programme.

The programme is drawn together in a Final Cohort Retreat where Scholars reflect on their journey and experiences during their time in Oxford. 

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  • What facilities and resources can Next Horizons Scholars access?

    Scholars enjoy the benefits and experiences of being members of both the Harris Manchester College and Rhodes House communities.

    • Student ‘buddies’ – current Harris Manchester students and Rhodes Scholars-in-Residence – who will be assigned to each Scholar to help them to settle in and integrate with the College and Rhodes networks.
    • A Common Room at Harris Manchester, with facilities for tea and coffee and newspapers, shared with the members of the College’s postgraduate community.
    • Access to the library facilities of Harris Manchester and the wider University of Oxford.
    • Additional meals at Harris Manchester College. Scholars will have the opportunity to join students for meals in the dining hall at subsidised student rates (with the exception of certain special occasions when attendance is limited). Twice a term, Scholars and a guest will have the opportunity to join the Senior Common Room for dinner at High Table.
    • Wellbeing support and pastoral provision through Rhodes House.


  • What does Next Horizons cost?

    The full fee for the 2024 programme is £30,000. This does not include the cost of housing, travel or immigration, which are the responsibility of an individual Scholar. Fee levels are reviewed for each annual iteration of the programme.

    Next Horizons is able to offer scholarships to those who would not otherwise have access to the resources to attend the programme. We are grateful to several supporters who have made this possible.

    If you would need scholarship support in order to be able to participate, please indicate this on your application.

    Please note that fee levels are reviewed annually and may be different for future cohorts from those quoted here.

  • What do Scholars receive at the end of the programme?

    Scholars who have satisfactorily completed the programme (including meeting attendance and conduct requirements) will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Harris Manchester College and the Rhodes Trust, plus a Report on Studies providing more detail on the programme and the individual Scholar’s project work.

    We hope that Scholars with leave the programme with a richer understanding of the world and their place in it, and a bank of experiences and new relationships.

    Please note that the programme does not result in a formally-accredited award or degree from of the University of Oxford, the College or the Rhodes Trust.

  • Can partners join the programme?

    Scholars' partners and spouses may apply to take part in the programme as full Scholars in their own right, and special fee arrangements apply for partners or spouses undertaking the programme together.

    Partners also have the option to of joining our ‘associated partners’ programme, coordinated by the Rhodes Trust, and have the opportunity to participate in certain select aspects of the cohort and to attend many of the events in the Other Opportunities strand.

    A termly get-together of the associated partners will provide an opportunity to get to know each other and find out about the opportunities available to them in Oxford. There is a fee for associated partnership which, for the January 2024 cohort, is £5,000.



  • Does Next Horizons provide accommodation?

    While Next Horizons is unable to offer housing, and individual Scholars are responsible for securing and funding their own accommodation in Oxford for the period of the programme, offer-holders may draw on the support of a dedicated member of staff at Harris Manchester College who will be able to offer information and advice and make introductions to agencies.

  • Will Scholars have a College affiliation?

    Next Horizons is a joint programme between Harris Manchester College and Rhodes Trust, and therefore your college affiliation while a Scholar will be Harris Manchester College. If you are a graduate of another Oxford college, this affiliation does not supersede your existing relationships and, during your time as a Next Horizons Scholar in Oxford, you will be able to reconnect with your old college if you wish.