Ventures Forum 2018 2

Rhodes House Ventures Forum 2018

About you

We invite participants who seek:

  • To be part of a diverse, cross-national, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational learning community
  • To engage in robust and authentic dialogue with others about self, community and world
  • To pursue their intellectual curiosity and engage with leading scholars doing cutting-edge work from the humanities to the sciences
  • To renew, rediscover and reinvent their sense of purpose and to gain inspiration and energy for the next chapter of their personal and professional journey
  • To focus on wellness and wholeness and re-energize their bodies and minds
  • To explore opportunities to connect and give back through mentorship, leadership and service

We seek to build cohorts which are diverse in the personal and professional experiences of their members, and which can work collaboratively to approach topics and problems from a range of perspectives.

More information on the assessment criteria for admissions can be found on the Join Us page