Harris Manchester College

About Harris Manchester College

Harris Manchester College is the only college in the University of Oxford dedicated to taking students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, aged 21 or over. This means we are a vibrant and diverse community, with students of different ages from a wide range of backgrounds and countries. For some this is a second or third chance at higher education; for others it is a second or third degree; and for some it is a rethinking of their life path and a much-valued opportunity to think about what they want to do next.  

We believe that the future of education is life-long learning. As people live longer and technology changes the workplace, we recognise that more people will come to higher education at different times in their lives. We aim to ensure that age is not a barrier to an Oxford education. 

HMC is known as a very friendly college, with a genuine spirit of cooperation between the fellows, staff and students. This creates a mutually respectful and supportive atmosphere, in which everyone strives to do their best, and where community life is highly valued. The wellbeing of all our community members is important to us, and we seek to create a college that is sustainable in every way.  

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